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Everything you need to know about SDX synthetic experience


This page obviously doesn't have any design ambitions, or rather no ambitions at all. This page is merely here to inform you about the radio station that you want to know more about. Below are some facts that you might be interested in:

To see the stream status page, click here.

Comments/suggestions/flames etc can be sent via email . My address is m8585 at abc dot se .


NEWS 2020-07-28 - Changed server software to Icecast

I have updated the server software to use Icecast instead of the more and more unsustainable Shoutcast. This may lead to that you might need to update your links, bookmarks etc. Keep in mind that you can always access the stream with the link at the top of this page, either via your favorite streaming client or with a regular web browser and play the stream within the web browser instead. And sorry for the lack of updates. I know this place is starting to feel more like a museum. And perhaps it is becoming a museum, let's see. But at least I've been keeping this station alive for 20 years now!

NEWS 2007-09-25 - Stream back up!

The good news is that my radio stream is now back up, now on a hardware RAID-1 array! The bad news is that my backup of the playlist was about 1½ years old, and the real one was lost in the system disk crash. I even tried the good ol' freezer trick (where you put your HDD in the freezer for a few hours, in order to get the materials so shrink slightly, so the heads have room to move around before it heats up again). But nothing would bring it back to life, so the latest version of the playlist was ultimately lost. Anyway, I will do what I can to restore things over the upcoming weeks/months, as time permits. Another issue that is still unsolved is the firewall problem I mentioned earlier. The Cisco TAC case I have open for this problem has been very productive so far. Analysis of network data shows that some DHCP packets are ignored or at least not visibly ACKed by the DHCP server. This, in conjunction with that the ASA firewall is very unforgiving when the DHCP server doesn't respond as expected ultimately leads to that the outside interface IP is lost, and won't renew until I manually intervene and renew it. We will see what Cisco can do to improve the handling of DHCP client communication, and what my ISP has to say about this. But since I have consumer broadband at home, I don't expect much of a response (for those of you that watch The IT crowd, you probably know what I mean :) ).

NEWS 2007-08-16 - Stream down for at least a week

The streaming server died a few days ago, and it seems like at least one hard drive is broken. Since I'm going to travel for a week, it will not be fixed until I get home. As you might have noticed the stream has also been unstable for a few months. This is due to that my Cisco ASA5505 firewall fails to renew its outside IP address, probably due to a bug in the ASA device OS. I'm looking into that too. But have patience, my aim is to be back as soon as possible!

NEWS 2007-05-20 - Added new tracks

Well, I have added about 10 hours of new music. I hope you will enjoy it. :) I also decided to create a playlist that has the top radio stations of this genre in it. That might come in handy if you want more choices, or if one station is down. The list is available here. Other than that, there's not much to report, except for that the fan mails keep comming from time to time. And even if I don't answer all of them, I still appreciate it. :)

NEWS 2006-10-11 - Stream temporarily down

The radio station will be down until my ISP has fixed my connection at my apartment. Currently my modem reboots every 10-15 minutes, causing TCP sessions to reset, which has a negative impact on the radio station. Welcome to the consumer broadband market. *sigh* Oh, and I just remembered that I have added some new great tracks. :)

NEWS 2006-07-15 - Streaming server hardware replaced

I have now retired the old source server (not the relay), which was a Pentium II 450MHz Gateway 2000 box. It has been in service for more than seven years, so it was about time to get it replaced. It has been replaced by my old workstation (2,8GHz Dell Dimension 8250), since I bought myself an even better workstation. Either way, restructuring my hardware at home has caused the radio station to be down for a few days. But now it's up again! As a bonus, I bumped up the listener limit a bit, and the bitrate, since people have more bandwidth now than they used to have a few years ago, and because there is a significant quality difference between 128kbit and 160kbit. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to add more tracks during my vacation in the comming weeks. Work has been really busy the last six months, almost insane.

NEWS 2005-12-25 - New tracks added!

Some new tracks have been added to the playlist, check it out!

NEWS 2005-08-13 - Apologies for the instability!

I have recently switched ISP from my previous DSL provider (B2 Bredband) to UPC/Chello, since I can get much better upstream capacity from UPC than I can ever get via DSL, since DSL only supports 1mbit of upstream capacity. Anyway, I now have 8mbit symmetric Internet via cable. This has ofcourse caused some downtime for the station. I have also changed things in general in my home network, highlights include a new switch for the external network and a new router. It took a while to get this up and running in the way I wanted it to work, which caused some additional downtime from time to time during the last week. Anyway, I can now run BitTorrent, source the radio stream and use IP-telephony - all at once without any disturbances of any of those services, even though I don't rate-limit BitTorrent.

NEWS 2005-07-25 - Backlog parsed and added!

Sometimes things go faster than what you have expected. I have spent all night adding the backlog of files, and the playlist should now be more or less up to date. Ofcourse I will add new material on an ongoing basis in the future as well, but the huge backlog is now gone, which means that it should take less time (than 6 months) for new, good music to make it into the playlist. Anyway, I hope you like it. Enjoy!

NEWS 2005-07-21 - What's going on

After a long period of doing nothing, I have finally completed re-adding the good part of my old music. So the list has been rebuilt, to the better. The next step will be to add all the new stuff I have obtained during these months. ;) As a side note, the relay server's HDD decided to crash a few weeks back, so I decided it was time for some new hardware overall. So the relay is now running on a newer machine with a re-installed Linux OS. If you're curious about the new playlist, follow the link mentioned above. It actually has content again. :P Enjoy!

NEWS 2004-09-29 - General update

You may have noticed that my stream/radio has been down for a couple of days, after some problems with choppy audio and downtime. This was due to some ongoing hardware problems that got worse. I have now replaced the RAM and IDE cabling in the machine to remedy this problem. It seems much more stable now. I have also noticed that the shoutcast DSP plugin uses a small buffer when streaming data to the server, which causes problems if the link has some jitter/latency/loss problems to the public relay. To cirrcumvent this, I have installed a private shoutcast server on the streaming box, which receives the data stream from the DSP plugin. The public relay then connects to this private server. As far as I can tell, this setup allows temporary low throughput in a TCP session, since the buffers are larger. The playlist hasn't been updated in a few weeks either, since I've been on vacation in the US for three weeks, and work has been really busy since. But I will continue to work on it as soon as I have some time over that I don't have to spend on more pressing matters. ;) As always, your feedback is appreciated, although I don't have the time/energy to answer all emails.

NEWS 2004-07-24 - SDXRADIO is back!

The new playlist is slowly taking form. Due to a number of reasons, including pure laziness, the rebuild has been delayed. However, I have added songs from groups from A-C to begin with, and this is currently what's being played. I expect to grow the list with more artists as I get the time and energy to do so. At least it's up anyway. Currently, the playlist is only 26 hours long, but I expect it to be near the 300 hour mark when I'm done. Thanks for your patience everyone! :)

NEWS 2004-07-08 - new playlist in progress & orkut community!

I have decided to scrap the current playlist and build a new one. I did this, because I believe that my station needs a sound with more beat in it. So I'll try to add more of the good stuff, and keep some tracks out of the list, since some listeners have been complaining about some soft synthpop and also about some C64-remixes. So stay tuned! I will bring the station back as soon as I have at least partly completed the list.

I have also created a community on orkut, so if you wish to join the fanclub there, you are most welcome.

NEWS 2003-10-12 - 280 hours!

I keep growing the playlist. However, some tracks have been removed as well. These were primarily tracks that I didn't appreciate, think would fit anymore, or simply because I've had listener complaints about them. A good example was some Jogeir Liljedahl tunes. Even though he was a great MOD maker during the Atari/Amiga ages, that wasn't an excuse anymore to keep his elevator music in the playlist. ;) Check out the playlist if you want to see what's in there now. The newest additions include tracks from And One, Hocico, Lights of Euphoria, Massiv in Mensch, Negative Format and Seabound. I am looking forward to add some Boytronic tracks - when I get my hands on some CDs or some well-encoded mp3's. As always, if you think you have good tracks/albums that you think that I and the listeners would appreciate to listen to, feel free to email me your requests. All suggestions will be considered, but maybe not always accepted. :) And yes, it does help if you can provide the actual music as well, since obtaining specific CDs or source files for older releases may be difficult. I require all mp3's to be encoded at 192kbps 44kHz stereo or better. There is no reason not to use that kind of quality these days when computing power is so cheap and easily accessible.

I'd also like to ask for someone who is willing to donate some bandwidth and a relay host, since demand is higher than the bandwidth I can spare for this radio station. The requirements to apply are the following:

- At least 2mbit bandwidth to SPARE - 2mbit bandwidth in TOTAL is not nearly enough - capacity should be at least 20 listeners
- Host running relay software 24/7 (a shell login is preferred but not required) on a server that is connected 24/7
- A quality Internet connection. No congestion, good international transit to major upstreams in EU and US
- I get access to the shoutcast administrator functions on the relay

If you feel that you want to donate a full-time relay according to the above specs, I'd be happy to hear from you! Please send me an email. I'm sure that both I and the other listeners will appreciate your donation. :) As I've stated before, this is an entirely non-commercial station that I run for my own sake primarily. Thus, resources are limited. Thanks for listening and/or your interested in this station and in what I have to say, since you're obviously reading this. ;)

NEWS 2003-07-04 - 254 hours!

I have added some additional tracks. Some new and some old as well! I think that the old stuff will stand out the most, since its 80s synthpop and even a discotrack or two! I know this might not be appreciated by some listeners, but I have selected these tracks with care. They're pretty good if you ask me. And they are a part of the history. The history that made modern industrial/synth/EBM music what it is today. As an added bonus, I have also updated the playlist to reflect the recent changes. Sorry, no changelog. :/ Enjoy!

NEWS 2003-04-19 - 240 hours!

I have bought a new computer, which should keep the stream more stable, since I don't use the streaming computer as much anymore. I have also added some new stuff, but I'm too senile to keep track of exactly which tracks are new. In order to make it easier for new listeners to see what kind of music I play on my radio I have exported my playlist to the HTML format. See above for the link!

NEWS 2002-12-20 - 227 hours!

The playlist keeps expanding. I add new albums when I get them (and like them, ofcourse).

In order to avoid repeats in a short timeframe, I pre-randomize the playlist, which should give a minimum of repeats during at least a week.

NEWS 2002-11-26 - 220 hours!

I now have 220 hours in the stream playlist. Enjoy!

Oh, as a side-note, I'm always looking for stable and fast relays. If you want to donate at least 2mbit of bandwidth, please let me know via e-mail.

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